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Oct 23, 2018

Eric Nash (Watchmen Minute) continues his appearance on the podcast as we watch the Clavius 6 gather at the top of the TMA-1 site to the strains of Gyorgi Ligeti's "Atmos.." (scratch that), I mean "Requiem." Topics of the day include: Van Halen, foosball, missing dialog, and notes from the first day of production....

Oct 22, 2018

Eric Nash (Watchmen Minute, Almost Famous Minute) is this week's guest. In this episode we cover the end of the Moon Bus flight and landing at the TMA-1 site, with a lively discussion covering such topics as: diamond motifs, pre-LCD digital readouts, and a Joseph Campbell-ian analysis of 2001. 

Oct 19, 2018

First time caller, long time brother David Frain joins Chris and Rudi to celebrate the 50th episode of the show! They discuss Moon Bus coffee, how many swear words you're allowed in G-rated movies, and capybaras. Rudi delivers some solid 4 Million BC facts, and David regales us with tales of a first-run viewing of 2001....

Oct 18, 2018

2001 enthusiast David Frain joins the podcast to discuss the REAL briefing we finally get aboard the moon bus heading towards the TMA-1 site. Chris and Rudi guide the discussion that alights on such topics as: "meckel-iron," compartmentalized information, and king cakes. Chris finally hits the tolerable limits of...

Oct 17, 2018

Gina Pomponio (Big Girls, Paradise Club Vintage) makes a case that 2001 is really just about humankind's poor food choices. Chris and Rudi talk about guitar effect pedals and review the career highlights of Robert Beatty and Sean Sullivan. #chicken #ham