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Apr 11, 2019

Gina Pomponio (Big Girls Music, Paradise Club Vintage) helps Chris and Rudi close out the Jupiter Mission section of the film. See you next Wednesday!

Apr 9, 2019

Gina Pomponio (Paradise Club Vintage, Big Girls music) starts a three peat on this podcast at a very crucial juncture, as HAL finishes singing Daisy and our man Heywood Floyd begins his pre-recorded briefing. Gina presents her research on references to this scene in popular culture, while Chris overwhelms listeners with...

Apr 5, 2019

Chris and Rudi recap the year 1992, the year of HAL's birth. Hey look, another birthday in 2001! HAL begins singing "Daisy."

Apr 4, 2019

Chris and Rudi discuss the death of HAL and the differences between the original screenplay and how the scene plays out in the film.

Apr 3, 2019

Chris and Rudi get really deep and talk about death and Skinny Puppy tracks.