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Sep 28, 2018

Having survived the encounter with nosy Soviet astronomers, we find our hero safely ensconced in an official PanAm blanket, hurtling off to the plague-infested moon base. Chris and Rudi settle in for the trip, chit-chatting about Bruce Lee, forged wills, and the contents and style of the food tray. Weird meal!

Sep 27, 2018

Elena heroically changes gears and ends this awkward conversation, but Chris and Rudi continue to belabor topics from this minutes including: tennis terminology, the IAC Conference, and how you should watch this scene the way you should watch hockey. "They must be having a very hard time."

Sep 26, 2018

As Dr Smyslov (bless you!) continues to press on a point our hero is reticent to discuss, Chris and Rudi press on points they love to discuss, such as: the use of cover stories in science fiction and in real life, the potential for a Heywood Floyd presidential run, and how the catchphrase "I'm not at liberty to discuss...

Sep 25, 2018

As Heywood Floyd is badgered about "The Great Big Mystery" happening on the Clavius base, Chris and Rudi consider the goofiness of the term "rocket bus" and also dive into some very well-written reviews, by kids, of 2001. 

Sep 24, 2018

As Heywood Floyd enters the Lion's Den of inquisitive Soviet scientists, Chris and Rudi deliberate on false endings in rock songs, weird handshake angles, and what it means to "regard" someone. Plus, we get to hear the story of Hardy Amies, the original international man of mystery.